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The “WORLD PROJECT” through CISVAM and CIVAGRI will present to all the institutional and non-institutional subjects present on the international scene the VENICE GREEN and BLUE ECONOMY EXPO project for the promotion of the internationalization of SMEs with business- environment and sustainable development of the Sea and Agriculture.

VENICE GREEN and BLUE ECONOMY EXPO, was born in Venice, the cradle of the Silk Road, still a promoter of cultural and commercial exchanges with the East, to be the worldwide reference for innovation and research related to Green and Blue Economy.

The EXPO includes an Interuniversity Research Center, exhibitions, conferences, trade, hotels, marine facilities and other facilities.

It will also be the permanent seat of the International Blue and Green Economy Agency, which will liaise with the Ministries of Agriculture, Infrastructure and the Environment of various Nations for the development and monitoring of its projects in the World, with the collaboration of the Banks of Regional Development, the International Cooperation Agency, promoting dialogue and collaboration between governments and international organizations that will decide to join.
The “WORLD PROJECT” with the international presentation of VENICE GREEN and BLUE ECONOMY EXPO will confirm the consolidation of Blue and Green Economy policies, with floating ecopoints and how food and agriculture need to adapt to climate change, in order to sustainably support a growing world population.


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