The important meeting with Ambassador Karlo Sikharulidze was held in Rome on July 27, 2017, at the Georgian Embassy, ​​at the Italian Embassy, ​​where a perfect mutual understanding and mutual interest was established to develop a collaboration with the “WORLD PROJECT”, having outlined the main government objectives such as the development of Infrastructures such as the construction of the Anaklia Port and the enhancement of Agriculture through the attraction of Italian Pmi with innovative know-how.

In GEORGIA, Anaclia’s port is being built, which will be a long-lasting economic driver for Georgia as a national asset that represents Georgia’s historical significance and its vital role in the global economy.
Thanks to the geographic location, Georgia would become a key country to facilitate the high volume of international trade
between Europe and Asia.

To capitalize on this potential, the Georgian ADC Consortium is developing Anaclia’s port to be a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly structure with a highly efficient layout.

The port of Anaklia will be the sea terminal of the Silk Road, so the investment will affect both the construction of the port itself for 2.5 billion dollars, but also the infrastructures such as the management center and the industrial area for the transformation of the products etc.

There is also a Free Zone (the project they are targeting is something like a Black Sea Dubai) with a total amount of over $ 10 billion.

Following that, Ambassador Karlo Sikharulidze will hold meetings between government institutions and the “PROJECT WORLD” that will take place in autumn in Tblisi after sending a statement of interest to

WORLD AREA HOLDING, containing the following points:

1- arrange the financing of ANAKLIA port and Infrastructure projects, (WAFINANCE – CISVAM)
2- Develop and finance Real Estate projects, (WAREAL ESTATE)
3- Develop and finance projects in Agriculture, (CISVAGRI)
4- Develop university collaborations, (CISVAM)
5- to be a governmental reference for GEORGIA, for Agriculture (CISVAGRI), for Infrastructures and the Environment (CISVAM)
7- Establish the WORLD AREA GEORGIA Sub-Holding of World Area Holding Srl, which will be accredited at our
Embassy of Italy in Tblisi.

With great pleasure, we thank the Ambassador for his great interest in the model of the
“WORLD PROJECT”, defining it as ideal for the economic and social development of nations.

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