In Rome on 7/12/2017, CISVAM presented to Mauro COLETTA the new General Manager of the
Directorate General for Surveillance on Port Authorities, Port Infrastructure and Maritime Transport and Waterways,
updates on the national and international operations of floating ecoports and floating dams, with the Associates Francesco Del Tosto of Solidus Srl
and of Dr. Angelo Carta of Porti Galleggianti Srl.

Like to consider the aforementioned General Directorate of MIT, the cradle of floating ecoports, thanks to the input of the previous D.G. E.M.PUJIA, September 25, 2011, to which, we express our heartfelt thanks for your encouragement to realize them and for his visionary vision of CISVAM, as an incubator of scientific and entrepreneurial knowledge to promote
Research and Innovation, with floating ecoports, smart cities, environmental and infrastructural projects, now known and requested in Italy and worldwide.

From the pleasant and constructive encounter, the attention and interest of D.G.COLETTA has emerged, so that the innovative floating ecoporti can be realized, in all their applications,
in Italy and abroad, given the interest of the international banking world to finance them, the interest of many states in realizing them on seas, rivers and lakes and in the scientific world.

In thanking the D.G. COLETTA because of its express proximity, CISVAM hopes to continue to be a constant reference of the General Directorate for the Supervision of Port Authorities, Port Infrastructures and Maritime Transport and for Internal Waterways, with its innovative floating ecoporti and with floating dams.

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