The “PROJECT WORLD”, as part of the themes concerning the production of renewable energy in the port, sustainable mobility and development of ECOPORTS in Italy and abroad, will develop, with the contribution of CISVAM Research, the production of innovative vessels and environmentally friendly to protect the environment in the Ecoporti and also make it a means of tourism and cultural promotion.

For this, the World Area Ecoboat srl, controlled by WAHolding srl, will be established to produce:
– ecological boats for water cleaning and assistance to boats in Ecoporti,
– boats for the promotion of river tourism, for connecting the areas adjacent to the ports,
– machinery for the production of energy, exploiting the wave of the sea, hydraulic turbines for the production of electricity,
exploiting marine currents,
– floating docks producing electricity with wave motion and other innovative products,
– innovative accessories for boating,
– electric machines and bicycles and other electric vehicles for the transport of goods and people in the Ecoporti and relevant structures of various destinations.
Basically, WAEboat will be a spin off of CISVAM and will combine “knowledge” with “doing”, with Innovation in Advanced Technologies, Environmental Sustainability and the use of Renewable Energies and with Portualità e Territorio.
The production of the ecological boats of the WAEboat is born, afterwards, to the great potentiality of the national and international market and from the request of ecological boats in the Volga Federal District of the Volga (Russian Federation) and in other Countries, with which, are contacts in progress.