CISVAM Presentazione ecoporto galleggiante fluviale a 60 Capi Dipartimento di 60 Università russe

Ecoporti, Italy goes to the chair in Kazan
Apr 03, 2013
Russia Today
The International Study Center for the enhancement of the sea and the environment was presented in the capital of Tatarstan, where, thanks to the Italian contribution, a new floating harbor will also be created with zero impact on the environment
The enhancement of the environment and the sea passes through Kazan. During the meeting of the heads of the ecology department of 60 Russian universities, organized in Kazan from 18 to 22 March 2013, the International Study Center for the enhancement of the sea and the environment (Cisvam), born from the Italian “Progetto World “, which aims to organize and stimulate programs related to the environmental sustainability of maritime areas.


Composed of universities, industrial, environmental and nautical associations, as well as research organizations, Cisvam wants to develop the sustainable port and the ecoportality sector together with the related industries (shipbuilding, river and maritime tourism, new materials for boating, construction ).

Thanks to these Italian projects in Kazan will be born the floating ecoporto, or that system that allows to build a port while minimizing the environmental impact that generally derives from it. The floating ecoporto consists of connecting a cable system to the seabed to avoid overbuilding.

A moment of the meeting of the heads of the department of ecology organized in Kazan (Photo: Press Office)

The Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Tatarstan, who followed the presentation, expressed the maximum interest in a future meeting in Kazan to formalize, with the World Area Holding, the contract for the realization of the floating capital of the capital of Tatarstan. In addition to this, we will also take into consideration the construction of different models of ecological boats at the Kazan shipyards and the exchange of young people for environmental and sports training courses with the World Area Nautic in Italy. The idea of ​​organizing the World Expo of the Kazan eco-airport was also examined.

The Made in Italy project of the ecoporto, then, will also be taken into consideration in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Volgograd, Sochi and Belgorod. Finally, these cities will not exclude environmental reclamation and cleaning of water with ecological boats, in addition to the modernization of the infrastructures and the port logistics of the maritime and river cities.

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