Italy has been re-elected to the Executive Council of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a member of Category A, reserved for the 10 States which, due to the importance of their merchant fleet, provide greater impetus to the development of world maritime transport.

Our country was elected together with Japan, China, South Korea, Greece, United Kingdom, United States, Panama, Russian Federation and Norway, during the General Assembly of the Organization, which took place at the end of November in London .

The success of the candidature of Italy, member of the IMO since 1957, testifies to the important role of our country in the field of the development of maritime navigation, protection of the marine environment, safety and activities to combat piracy.

The election to the IMO Executive Council also represents a recognition of Italy’s commitment to the training of maritime personnel and technical cooperation for developing countries, as well as to relief and assistance activities in the Mediterranean region. following the intensification of migratory flows from North Africa. With the aim of presenting the floating eco-ports also to the IMO, sharing the same values, the No-Profit Area of ​​the “WORLD PROJECT” will see the establishment at the beginning of 2016 of the WORLD AREA NAUTIC International Association for the dissemination of Culture and Protection of the Environment and Ecoportualità, mainly, among young people of every nation in collaboration with Ministries, Sports, Environmental and Military Federations.

For the realization of the statutory purposes, the WORLD AREA NAUTIC will operate, in Italy and abroad, through its own offices, thus constituting the international network for the environmental and professional training of young people, which will be added to the scientific CISVAM, network entrepreneurial activity of the World Area Holding Ltd. and that of the International Expo of Ecoportualità, all within the “PROJECT WORLD”.

For the diffusion of the sustainable Nautica, in collaboration with the CISVAM, scientific knowledge of the “WORLD PROJECT”, it is foreseen the diffusion of innovative and ecological boats for sailing regattas and for the maritime, lacustrine and fluvial navigation.

Again for Ecoportualità, the WORLD AREA NAUTIC will implement the CISVAM Guidelines and will bring the floating Ecoporti to environmental certification ISO 14001, promote sustainable floating logistics and, in any case, to all those fields linked to the presence of the Sea.

The WORLD AREA NAUTIC intends to be a reference for the future of young people of every nation, through the sea, with the spread of love and protection of the environment, in particular of the sea,