” Dear ALL,

With pleasure, we inform you that it has been agreed the presentation of the Profit and no Profit Areas of the WORLD AREA HOLDING Srl Sub-holding WORLD AREA GEORGIA, to governmental and non governmental parties, to universities and business organizations, in Tblisi, capital of Georgia, from January 15th to January 19th 2018.

The collaboration protocols that WAH Srl will sign will be sources of new turnovers and internationalization processes for the SMEs associated with CISVAM and CISVAGRI, with their involvement in Blue and Green Economy projects, to be carried out in Georgia, with on-site support of the sub-holding company WORLD AREA GEORGIA.

In order to follow the signed collaboration protocols, WAH and WA-GEORGIA will organize Group business missions of CISVAM and CISVAGRI members to sign contracts on projects to be implemented in Georgia.

This follows the important meeting held in Rome on 27 July 2017, at the headquarters of the Georgian Embassy in the Italian Republic, with
Ambassador Karlo Sikharulidze, whom we thank, with whom we established a perfect understanding and interest in developing the
internationalization of SMEs, on projects of
Blue and Green Economy to be built in Georgia, according to the “WORLD PROJECT” model.

This first trip to Georgia marks the beginning of other business trips in its Sub-Holding of various countries and finalizes the operation of the model for the promotion of the internationalization of SMEs, according to the “PROGETTO WORLD”.

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