The presentation of CISVAM will be sent, which will be “discussed with the Presidency of the Consortium of Anaklia, on March 29th in Tblisi, following the signing of the Agreement
of Collaboration between the WORLD AREA HOLDING Srl and the Development Consortium of the Port of Anaklia.

We thank Dr. Karlo SIKARULIDZE the Ambassador of Georgia in Italy, Giorgi CHERKEZISHVILI and Dr. Fatima CHOVELIDZE representing

of the Sub Holding World Area Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia.

We would like to thank, in particular, the CISVAM associates the Architect Prof. Bernardo BRANDIMARTI ‘, the Ing.Roberto ZANOVELLO, Eng. Massimo NARDI e
Eng. Matteo RAVANO who made this presentation.

The meeting will be attended by Mr. Matteo RAVANO, General Manager of WAH srl, and the CISVAM associates, Mr. Roberto ZANOVELLO and the Chairman of the

Consortium CONSMED.

The aforementioned meeting is part of the “PROJECT WORLD” mission. such as the promotion of the internationalization of SMEs.