After having also participated in the 13 World Conventions of ASSOCAMERESTERO, for the preparation of the complex and synergistic project
the development of the internationalization of SMEs according to the “WORLD PROJECT” and, after having adopted in the statute of WORLD AREA HOLDING Srl (proposed 6/12/2007), the establishment of Associations for the establishment of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad , everything good
with the development of commercial relations with Italy, we inform you that, by e-mail dated April 16th, the WORLD AREA HOLDING Srl,
has declared to ASSOCAMERESTERO the interest to animate a new Association in GEORGIA, that points, over time and maturing
the conditions, to be integrated into the global network of CCIE which today counts 78 Chambers associated or in a pre-accession path e
75 rooms recognized by the Italian State.

The associations, all non-profit, are also formed in countries where they are not present and the local subholding of the Network Area form the operational arm and will mainly interact in the internationalization projects.
For the constitution of the Associations, the text of the law 1 July 1970, n. 518 which regulates the recognition of associations formed abroad as Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.

For this purpose, a statute will be prepared to provide:

. the development of contacts with organizations, associations, operators and economic and financial environments of ITALY and GEORGIA,
in order to facilitate economic and commercial relations;

. the development of communication, information and knowledge through: magazines, bulletins, economic newsletters, reports, catalogs, repertoires, specialized databases, conferences and seminars, media advertising, websites on the Internet, etc.;

. the creation of a service of reception and first assistance to the operators who go to the country of business and to the operators of Georgia as regards the activities in Italy;

. the realization of contracts of economic and commercial assistance;

. to make known and realize the opportunities for transnational cooperation between companies, as well as investments abroad for Italian companies;

. to carry out training sessions and internships for the dissemination of economic culture, including the organization of Italian language courses;

. to provide specific assistance to economic missions.

They may be members of the Association, companies, institutions, institutions and Italian or Georgian companies, operating in the two countries, as well as
people who carry out economic activities and enjoy civil rights and exercise agriculture, trade and services, an industry,
a liberal art or profession.
They will be thrown into the NO PROFIT area of ​​the WORLD AREA HOLDING Srl, together with today’s CISVAM and CISVAGRI associations,
keep, for the Blue and Green Economy.

The start of the establishment of the Association for the establishment of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in GEORGIA marks the beginning of the activity
of the CAMERAL AREA in the world of the “WORLD PROJECT”.